March Break Note to Camp (46KB)

Friday February 23 2018

Please complete this form if your child is: being picked up early from camp, has lost an item at camp, does no longer need to wear a life jacket or your giving permission for another parent to pick your child up from the bus/camp. 

March Break Permission to Administer & Medication Form (48KB)

Friday February 23 2018

If your child will require medication of any kind (prescription or non-prescription) while at camp, please complete this form and hand it in along with the medication to the bus monitor at the bus stop or camp director at the location.  If your child carries an epi-pen or inhaler with them, please complete this form as well. 

Information Packages

Sleepover Information Package (47KB)

Friday December 12 2014

A checklist of what campers are to bring to sleepover and what Planet Kids provides.


Code Of Conduct (53KB)

Tuesday December 14 2010